Wiki Loves Earth

And So Do I

How you might have guessed since my first post about image processing, I’m really interested in photography. And for some time I’ve been trying to showcase my photography. One of those endeavors has been Instagram, with which I’m not really satisfied. Roughly speaking It’s just not the place for serious photography. It’s just the way Instagram is made…
So a few days ago I stumbled upon Wiki Loves Earth, which is an annual photography contest by Wikipedia. Pictures you submit to this contest will be part of Wikimedia and be licensed under creative commons. While this basically takes away the ability to make money with my pictures, it opens up the possibility, that my pictures would be used by Wikipedia articles… Which would be nice!
And the prizes for the Wiki Loves Earth contest are also nice.

A wood duck hiding behind some grass.
A picture of a wood duck I took at the DFG

Furthermore Wikipedia has become quite an important tool for basically everyone. If I want to learn about a new topic, Wikipedia is often the first place I’ll visit. And I can’t really express, how much Wikipedia helped me up until now. So it’s probably also time to give something back.
And I took a lot of pictures of nature, so I have alot to contribute to this contest. But I also already uploaded some pictures from buildings I took during my travels. If you’re interested, you can look my uploads up here.

So let’s see how this competition goes for me. 🙂 I don’t count on winning anything, because there are so many much more skilled photographers out there than me. But who knows, what will come of it?

And what about you? Do you have anything to contribute to the Creative Commons? 😉

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