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Image Processing and Computer Vision

Or A Topic For The Coming Months

The new semester started and with it, of course, came new lectures!1
One of those lectures for me this semester is called Image Processing and Computer Vision. You may be wondering, why I as a Bioinformatician would take such a lecture. But besides obvious applications like medical imaging, there are some further reasons, why I’m interested in this topic.

First and foremost I want to mention, that I worked during the last semester on a package, which has its basis in image processing. The Alternating Least Squares is e.g. related to this work. And when you think about it… There’s not much of a difference between a lot of kinds of biological data and pictures. What is microarray if not a matrix (array) consisting of colored dots to name one example.
Also I like to generally improve my maths. As this course is a bit math-heavy, it could be a good opportunity.
Last but not least I’m a hobby photographer and I hope to learn some stuff about theory of colors and similar things

Why I'm taking a lecture about image processing and
View on the Saarland University on a nice autumn day. This place will own me the coming months x)

So why am I telling you all this? Probably because I will talk a lot about topics from Image Processing and Computer Vision here in the near future.
I don’t know yet to which extend. Maybe as something like lecture notes… Probably also to motivate me learning.
What I will not do of course is post homework answers here. 😛 So sorry, my dear fellow students. But maybe my recap of the learning matter here will be still worth something.

So far there’s not much to say about the learning matter, as we today only basically got an overview over the lecture and talked about some basic concepts. But on Friday’s the next lecture… Maybe after that you will be able to read my first actual post about Image Processing and Computer Vision then here. x)

Soo see you!

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