Living Without Smartphone

What I Learnt Losing My Smartphone

Well… Some of you might know, some won’t. I lost my smartphone a few weeks ago during a weekend trip to Bonn. Stuff like that can happen. I must have forgotten it on a bench, where I sat with my friends for a while. My panic was big, when I realized I didn’t have my phone anymore. We returned to the aforesaid bench to no avail. It wasn’t there anymore… Maybe I lost it somewhere else. I even thought, that somebody stole it.
“You look sad, David”, said one of my friends to me. And I really was at that moment. It’s funny, how the loss of such a little, lifeless thing can make you sad. I don’t know, if it was its value, the suspicion someone took it or the stress it would mean to me, that made me sad. But I definitely was.

A picture of the river Rhine with some skyscrapers in the background.
A picture of the Rhine river taken at the place where I probably lost my smartphone.

About Two Weeks Without Smartphone

The next two weeks I was without smartphone. And to make a long story short, mostly it wasn’t so bad. On the other hand I would say, it was mostly a positive experience. I found out, that I actually didn’t need Google Maps for navigating reality. Something I always suspected, but mostly I haven’t been brave enough to try it out. Furthermore it felt liberating not to be instantly reachable all the time. Not having to worry about WhatsApp or Telegram messages for once was really relaxing. And I nevertheless accomplished meeting other people.
Really only the big bummer was everything where I needed a PIN via SMS for. But that made me think, that it could anyway good to have an extra smartphone for those PINs. Don’t know yet, but it might be a more robust system.

Getting My Phone Back

Well, it appears that I really lost my smartphone. I almost lost faith, but I kept looking on the homepage of the lost and found in Bonn. And one miraculous day there was my phone!!! 🙂
So nobody stole it, but most likely someone found it. Namely before we came back to the bench. And this person must’ve brought to the lost and found. I’m really thankful to this anonymous stranger. Everything’s back to normal for now. But I’m planning on changing my smartphone habits. I don’t know how yet. But I will probably keep you updated.

So have a nice evening!

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