Hello World, I’m A Blogger!

Let’s Open The Raspository

About The Blog

So I finally came around doing my own blog! In other words Procrastination is now over and I can call myself a blogger.
Hence I’m ready for exposing my thoughts and knowledge to the public1.
During my studies technical and scientific blogs of other people helped me a lot in understanding things and learning programming. Consequently now is my time to give something back!

The Raspository will be a place where I share stuff I’m currently working on or thinking about with you. I’m however not completely sure about the format in which I will deliver this content to you, so I’ll probably try different things at the beginning and I would be glad about feedback from your side.

The technologies I will probably working with most for now are the R programming language2and C++ as I like working with both. Furthermore I will probably give you some insights into my workflow as well. And as I like reading papers I will share with you summaries of those. Of course I will try to support as much things as possible with sources or coding examples.

Anyway this blog won’t be completely technical and serious. There will also be room for jokes and fun! And I will also use it to talk about more general things I’m reading and thinking about. But let’s just see how it develops.

About Me, The Blogger

For those people among you that don’t know me personally a few words regarding me as a person. My name is David Rasp and besides now being a blogger I study Bioinformatics. As a result I engage myself a lot with programming and data science. Originally I’m from Munich, a big and turbulent city in the south of Germany. Now I live in the cozy Saarbrücken, right at the border to France3.
Besides that both cities have universities with chairs that engage themselves with Bioinformatics and I have studied at both and got to know a lot of interesting and smart people from whom I learnt a lot of different things. 🙂

In the future there will probably be more regarding me on my About Me page.

Thanks for your time and hopefully see you soon!

PS I will probably be still changing around the layout and features of this blog the next days4. So don’t be confused about that.

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  1. If one could ever be ready for that
  2. You can find more about it here: www.r-project.org
  3. Seriously… In my first apartment here it took me 45 minutes by foot to get there
  4. If not weeks


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